What Qualifies My Business as a Food Service Establishment?


According to the City Ordinance:

Any commercial, institutional, or food processing facility that discharges kitchen or food preparation wastewaters and that is required to have a grease control device under the Virginia Uniform Building Code or applicable regulations of the Hampton Roads Sanitation District.


Restaurants, churches, commercial kitchens, caterers, hotels, cafeterias, delicatessens, meat-cutting preparations, bakeries, ice cream parlors, cafes, hospitals, schools, bars, correctional facilities, care institutions, and any other facility that has a grease trap/interceptor. Preparation activities include but are not limited to cooking by frying, baking, grilling, sautéing, rotisserie, broiling, boiling, blanching, roasting, toasting, or poaching. Also included are infrared heating, searing, barbecuing, and any other food preparation activity that produces a hot, non-drinkable food product in or on a receptacle that requires washing.

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