No Additives, Enzymes, or Bacteria!

As of February 24, 2009, with the passing of the City of Virginia Beach Sewer Use/FOG Ordinance, additives are prohibited for use as grease management control due to their negative impact on wastewater collection systems and treatment facilities.

Sec. 28-78 (c)(5)
Unless authorized by the Director, the use of additives including, but not limited to, products that contain solvents, emulsifiers, surfactants, caustics, acids, enzymes or bacteria are prohibited for use as grease management control; provided, however, that additives may be used to clean the FSE drain lines so long as the usage of such additives will not cause FOG to be discharged from the grease control device to the sanitary sewer system. The use of additives shall not be substituted for the maintenance procedures required by this Section. The Director shall not approve the use of any additives unless he is satisfied that such use will have no adverse effects upon the public sewer system.

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