FSE Employee Certification Training

Complete HRPDC regional training and test available at hrfog.com. See below for a few tips on using the HRFOG web training:
Tips for using HRFOG Training: 

1.  To review the training materials prior to taking the certification test, under the “Learn” section you can download the Regional Grease Hauler and FSE Employee Training Programs as well as the Grease Trap Cleaning Guide and other BMP guides/translated materials as well as posters for display in kitchens.

2.  Once you have reviewed the training materials and are ready to take the test, under “Get Certified” you will need to register by creating an account with an email address and a password. Upon completion, you will be able to print out a certification card. If you ever need to reprint their card, it is easy to do so by logging back into the site using the email address and password that you set up.

3.  You can also manage your FSE work locations once you have established an account and re-print your certificate at any time. 

FSE Certification Test (Prueba de certificación) (证 测验)

FOG FSE 认证培训.pdf
FSE FOG Prueba de certificación.docx
FSE FOG Taller de capacitación para la certificación.pdf
FSE FOG 认证测试.pdf
Instrucciones para la limpieza de trampas de grasa.pdf
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