Private Well Connections and City Water

Diagram demonstrating that connection between public and private system is prohibited.
Can I have my private well and city water service connected together?  No, any connection between a private well and the public water system is prohibited by State and City Code. You can have two water systems, as long as they are independent of each other and are not cross connected.  This is most common when a well is used for irrigation only.
2009 Virginia Plumbing Code
608.6.1 Private water supplies.  Cross connections between a private water supply and a potable public supply shall be prohibited.
2009 Virginia Residential Code
P2902.1 General. A potable water supply shall be designed and installed as to prevent contamination from non-potable liquids, solids or gases being introduced into the potable water supply. Connections shall not be made to a potable water supply in a manner that could contaminate the water supply or provide a cross-connection between the supply and a source of contamination unless an approved backflow prevention device is provided. Cross-connections between an individual water supply and a potable public water supply shall be prohibited.
Code of Virginia
12VAC5-590-590. Cross connections.
A. The purveyor shall not install, maintain, or allow to be installed a water service connection to any premises where cross connections to a waterworks or a consumer's water system may exist unless such cross connections are abated or controlled to the satisfaction of the water purveyor or the division.
B. The purveyor shall not install, maintain, or allow to be installed any connection whereby water from an auxiliary water system may enter a waterworks or consumer's water system unless the auxiliary water system and the method of connection and use of such system shall have been approved by the water purveyor and by the division.
If you wish to convert from using well water to City water you will need to follow the steps below:
  1. The plumber/resident needs to contact the Permits & Inspections Office (2875 Sabre Street, Suite 500,​ 757-385-4211) and obtain a plumbing permit for a well conversion
  2. A copy of the receipt for the installation of the meter is needed to get a permit and can be provided by Public Utilities Customer Service Office (2473 North Landing Road, Behind Building 23, 757-385-4171)
  3. When the plumber is ready for the city water to be turned on, the plumber or resident will need to contact the Department of Public Utilities at 757-385-4171 (Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.).  They will need to notify the Department of Public Utilities that they would like the lock on the City meter to be removed so they can test the system for a conversion from a well.
  4. The Department of Public Utilities will verify that a permit was pulled and make an appointment with the resident/plumber to remove the meter lock. 
  5. The Department of Public Utilities will remove the lock from the City meter.
  6. The Department of Public Utilities will follow up within 48 hours of the lock being removed to make sure that no cross connection between the well and the City water systems exist.  If a cross connection exists, the lock will be re-installed on the City meter.
  7. The plumber/resident will then need to contact the Permits & Inspections Office (2875 Sabre Street, Suite 500, 757-385-4211) to schedule a Final Inspection.

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