Backflow Prevention Device Annual Testing


Plumber and pipes Annual testing for all testable Backflow Prevention Devices is required by City Code. Customers with testable Backflow Prevention Devices will receive notification and a blank test form from the City before the test is due. It is the Customers responsibility to have the test done by a Certified Backflow Prevention Device worker and verify that a completed test form showing that the device has passed the inspection has been submitted to the Department of Public Utilities.  The Department maintains a list of Certified Back​​flow Prevention Device Testers. You may also download a blank Backflow Preven​tion Device Test Form for your use.  Please keep a copy of the test for your records. Once your device has passed the inspection you may submit the test form to the Department of Public Utilities using one of the following ways:

To avoid delays in receiving the completed test form, e-mail is the preferred delivery method.
Hand Deliver or US Mail​

City Of Virginia Beach
ATTN: Backflow Program PU Engineering
2809 S. Lynnhaven Road Suite 250
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452

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