Mandatory Connection Fees


​​​In accordance with Chapter 37-5​ and Chapter 28-2 of the Virginia Beach Code, all property owners who have water and sewer service available to their property are required to pay water and sewer connection fees. 

​Water Capital Recovery Fee (standard 5/8" residential service)​$ 2,267​
​Sewer Capital Recovery Fee (standard 5/8" residential service)​​$ 1,​545
​​Residential Sewer Tap and Cleanout Fee​$ 450​
​5/8"  ​Residential Water Tap and Meter Fee $ 493
​5/8" Meter Only​$363
​1" Residential Water Tap and Meter Fee ​​$ 579
​1" Meter Only​​​​$ 449​

​Commercial customers please note that your water tap, sewer tap, and sewer cleanout will be installed by your private contractor at your expense.   ​​​​​​

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