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How to Apply:

    1. Review open positions from the Current Openings list below.
    2. Select 'Click Here to Apply'  to view detailed information about the job duties, salary, minimum qualifications, and more.
    3. If you think this job is for you, click 'Apply Now.' You will see step-by-step instructions for completing and submitting your application. Be sure to provide specific examples of your experience in your application work history. Resumes may be attached but are not always reviewed. Your application is the primary document used to screen your qualifications.

Current Openings:​​​​​​

Business Division

No current openings.

Engineering Division

Construction Inspector II/III - The Construction Inspector will perform inspection duties and quality assurance tests associated with construction, rehabilitation, and repair of complex water and sanitary sewer infrastructure in order to ensure compliance with City and State standards and to ensure use of proper methods for construction. Click Here to Apply.

Project Manager (Engineer I) - The Project Manager will manage the design and construction of water and sewer projects, coordinate the work of engineering technicians and construction inspectors, conduct public and staff meetings for assigned projects; and more. Click Here to Apply.

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Program Manager (Engineer IV) - The Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Program Manager will provide project management of CIP projects; design or review of plans and specifications for water and sanitary sewer, storm drainage, and highway/roadway projects; and more. Click Here to Apply.

Utility Asset Management Engineer II/III (Engineer II) - The Utility Asset Management Engineer will develop and oversee the utility management and condition assessment program; assist in emergency planning for the utility; perform capacity analysis of the water and sanitary sewer systems; and more. Click Here to Apply.

Utility Engineering Manager - The Utility Engineering Manager manages a division of 70+ professional staff members; oversees the development and implementation of the Water and Sanitary Sewer CIP budget; provides oversight for short-term and long-term planning for municipal water and sanitary sewer facilities; and more. Click Here to Apply.

Operations Division

No current openings.

Technical Services Division

Business Application Specialist II - The Business Application Specialist will serve as a subject matter expert on system implementation projects, conduct analysis of business processes to identify opportunities for improvement, maintain the division's inventory of hardware, and more. Click Here to Apply.

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