Standard Details

Fiberglass Dual Buffer Tank with​ External Breather​​​

1 Precast Sanitary Sewer Manhole
2 Inside Drop Connection Precast Manhole
3 Shallow Precast Sanitary Sewer Manhole
4 Precast Sanitary Sewer Manhole Joint
5 Brick Sanitary Sewer Manhole
6 Shallow Brick Sanitary Sewer Manhole
7-1 Manhole Frame and Cover
7-2 Manhole Frame and Cover
8 SS Manhole Invert Shaping
9 SS Main Line Cleanout Box
10 House Lateral Cleanout
11 Typical Lateral Layout
11A Typical Lateral Layout General Notes for CIP Projects
12 Typical Lateral Layout for Developer Projects
12A Typical Lateral Layout General Notes (Developer)
13-1 FM Connections 4-inch and smaller
13-2 Low Pressure Force Main Connection
13-3 Force Main Saxophone Connection
13-4 Single Family Private Force Main Connection to Sanitary Sewer Lateral​
14-1 Vacuum System Connection
14-2 Vacuum System Connection
14-3 Vacuum System Valve Pit Detail with Tracer Wire
14-4 Vacuum System Valve Pit Plan View
15-1 Water Meter Box Service Line Installation
15-2 Meter Box Setting
15-3 Meter Box
15-4 Valve Box
15-5 Valve Stem Extension
16-1 Detector Check and Domestic Meter Layout
16-2 Detector Check and Domestic Meter Layout Notes
17-1 Combination Meter Assembly 10-inch and Smaller
17-2 Wall Reinforcement
17-3 Wall Reinforcement Section A-A
17-4 Bottom Slab Reinforcement Detail
17-5 Top Slab Reinforcement Detail
18-1 Fire Hydrant Setting
18-2 Fire Hydrant Connections
18-3 Fire Hydrant Temporary Out of Service Sign
19 Air Vent-Blow off Assembly
20 Pipe Crossing Bedding
21 Utility Witness Post
22 Encasement
23 Vertical Offset Water and Sanitary Sewer Facilities

Standard Pump Station Details​

Details that are applicable to a specific project are to be inserted into construction drawing sets and shall not be altered in any way.  Redrawn details will not be acceptable.
PS-2  Wall Section​
PS-3 Bond Beam​ and Den​t​​il Trim​​
PS-4 Thru Wall Access
PS-5 Valve Vault Drain
PS-6 Air/Water Separator
PS-7 Grab Bar
PS-8 Emergency Pump Connection (Discharge)
PS-9 Shadowbox Fence​
PS-10 Fence Gate​
PS-11-2 Bubbler Tube
​PS-12 Stilling Well​ ​​​​

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