​​Public Utilities Standard Sanitary Pump Station Specifications and Construction Details

These documents are to be used with City of Virginia Beach Public Utilities Sanitary Sewer Pumping Station Projects.  If any of these documents are included in a project manual they shall be sealed by a professional engineer.  If the engineer determines that any of these documents are in error or in any way other inadequate, they should bring the discrepancy to the attention of the City. 

Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Specifications

Standard Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Specifications
​These documentst shall be used as a reference for all Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Projects and shall not be altered in any way.

Special Provisions (Project Specific) - The special provisions document shall be used to provide supplemental information for a specific project such as pump performance data.  All information shall identify the section and subsection for which the supplement is required and shall be listed in numeric order.​

Mandatory Specifications - These specifications are mandatory on all Department of Public Works and Department of Public Utilities projects and are to be included in the project manuals.

Supplemental Specifications  - ​These are a collection of previously used project specific specifications applicable to Public Works and Public Utilities projects. They may be used on a case-by-case basis at the direction of the City and are to be included in the project manual.

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