Is the smoke harmful?
No. It may make you cough, but it is not harmful to your health and will not harm clothing, drapes, or furniture.
What should I do if smoke gets into the house?
If smoke enters your home or business during testing, open windows to allow ventilation and note the location of the smoke. Smoke will clear within a few minutes.
What is the purpose of smoke testing?
Smoke testing is used to find possible leaks in the sanitary sewer system. When you receive notice that smoke testing will take place, you should check to see that all drain traps under basins, washing facilities and floor drains have water in them. To do so, simply flush toilets and run water into all drains.

I will not be home during smoke testing, and I have pets in the house. What should I do?
The smoke is not harmful to pets. It would be a good idea to leave several windows partially open for ventilation, should any smoke enter the building. If you have proper plumbing connections and all of the drain traps have water in them, there should not be any problems.

If smoke gets into the house, how long does it take to dissipate?​
This will depend upon how much smoke enters the building and how much ventilation you can provide.

Can smoke stop up the sanitary sewer?
No. The smoke is made up of a vaporous substance.

What happens if the City finds a bad sewer connection or lack of traps in the building?
This information will be documented by the contractor and given to the Public Utilities Engineering Division for review.

Will rodents be smoked out?
No. But the smoke will detect where rodents have access.
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