Bids and Proposals

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The information on this page is strictly for RFPs and IFBs concerning ENGINEERING and CONSTRUCTION projects within the Department of Public Utilities.

​Citywide or other Department of Public Utilities (equipment, vehicles, etc.) bids and RFP information is available on the Finance Department's ​​​purchasing website​​. If you are interested in submitting a bid on any City project, you may also want to read the Finance Department’s Procurement Guide f​or Businesses​.​​


I​nvitation For Bid for Construction Services

    There are no invitations for bid at this time.  ​


Archived Contract Bids

​​Current Projects for 2016​

Open​ed Bid Number ​Project Name Bid ​Bid Tab​
02/11/2016 ​ PUCN-16-0011 Bridge Cranes at Shore Drive and Witchduck Water Pump Station ​​
​02/23/2016​PUCN-16-0017​Thalia Manor SA 241 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
​03/02/2016​PUCN-16-0018​First Colonial Road - Pump Station NO. 230 Improvements
​03/22/2016​PUCN-16-0022​Green Hill Farms Pump Station No. 204 & Sanitary Sewer Improvements
03/23/2016 ​PUCN-16-0023 Annual Services Construction Contract #15 ​​
​05/19/2016 ​PUCN-16-0030 ​Annual Services Construction Contract #1 for Pump Station Rehabilitation
​08/09/2016​PUCN-16-0042​Thalia South Pump Station No. 264 Replacement​​​
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