​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​No Wipes in the Pipes

SocialMedia1-01.pngThe public sewer system is responsible for carrying wastewater away from your home and into wastewater treatment facilities, where it is cleaned before being returned to local waterways​. Flushing items that should not be flushed can lead to clogs in the system. Public Utilities crews use valuable time and resources to clear these clogs and restore service in a process called deragging.

A large number of deragging incidents in Virginia Beach are caused by pre-moistened sanitary wipes. Even wipes labeled “flushable” cause a problem in the public sewer system; just because something can be flushed, doesn’t mean it should be. The public sewer system moves wastewater at a rate that does not allow for these wipes to break down, as the break down process for wipes can take over a month. 

Once these wipes enter the public sewer system, they combine with other materials that don’t belong down your drain; such as fats, oil, and grease. This creates clogs in the pipes that can lead to a backup of raw sewage into your home or onto your street, and lots of money down the drain. 

So, how can you avoid these problems in your home’s plumbing and the City’s infrastructure? Only flush the 3 P’s: Pee, Poop, and (toilet) Paper. The 3 P’s are the only materials your home’s plumbing, the City’s infrastructure, and the wastewater treatment plant were designed to handle. 

Pre-moistened sanitary wipes do serve their purpose though, that’s why they’re so popular! We don’t ask that you stop using them, just that you stop flushing them! Instead, toss them in the trash. 

What Else Not To Flush:​

Paper towels
Any type of wipes
Disposable diaper liners
Cotton swabs
Dental Floss​
Feminine hygiene products
Family planning products
Cat litter
FOG (fats, oil, and grease)
Food scraps
Anything other than the 3 P’s!

​​Fun For Kids

Check out our "No Wipes in the Pipes f​or Kids" site for ways​ to get Virginia Beach residents of all ages involved!


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