Marina Program

Boats in a MarinaRecreational boat pollution has been identified as a serious threat to local water quality in coastal areas where boats congregate.

The Virginia Beach Health Department’s Marina Program oversees regulations that require marinas and other places where boats are moored to have adequate sanitary facilities in order to protect public health and improve water quality.

One of the goals of the Virginia Beach Health Department is to inform owners of vessels with installed and portable toilets about the problems when sewage is discharged overboard.  In addition, Virginia Beach Health Department also works to ensure that boat mooring locations have adequate sanitary facilities, pump-out equipment and facilities for emptying of portable toilets, are made available to properly handle waste generated from boating activity.

All marinas and other locations where boats are moored are required to have a certificate to operate,

These certificates are issued through the Comm​onwealth of Virginia’s Department of Marina Programs.