Support Division

The ​Support Division consists of several units that provide administrative and support services to other Virginia Be​ach Police Department Oerations, City of Virginia Beach agencies and the public.

 Budget Office

The Department's Accountant and Administrative Specialist perform a variety of financial and administrative duties in support of the Chief of Police and all commands of the department.

 Central Records Unit

The Records Unit is responsible for the following functions:
  • Conducts background checks for concealed handgun permits
  • Conducts background checks for permits and criminal history requests (this information is subject to audit at any time by the State Police)
  • Coordinates with the Neighborhood Preservation Code Enforcement Division the processing and removal of abandoned vehicles.
  • Billing of false burglar alarms through the Treasurer's Office
Click here for additional information on obtaining permits and records checks (click on Permits & Records Checks tab). 

You may reach the Central Records Unit at (757) 385-4331. ​

 Logistical Support

Logistical Support has two main units: the Property and Evidence Unit and the Uniform & Supply Unit.

Property & Evidence Unit - (757) 385-4578

The Virginia Beach Police Property & Evidence unit manages all items that come into the possession of the Police Department including tracking all movement of the items through a computerized evidence management system, checking items out to court and forensic labs, returning items to owners and disposal of unneeded items. Once items are in the Property & Evidence they can only be checked out or returned to an owner at the express written permission of the case officer.

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Uniform & Supply Unit - (757) 385-8185

The Uniform & Supply Unit is responsible for the purchasing and issuing of police uniforms, supplies and most equipment for the Police Department.

 Payroll Office

​The Payroll Unit prepares the payroll twice monthly and maintains personnel files and leave records on each department employee.​


Everybody understands that “RED Means Stop!”  However, red light running violations are frequently observed by citizens at nearly every intersection in the city. Each year, over 12% of the total traffic tickets issued by our police officers are for red light running offenses. As a citizen in our community, we are certain you would agree that the number of red light running occurrences that officers are unable to enforce is significantly higher. The photo enforcement camera systems are an important force multiplier for the police department and they reduce the risks involved with red light running enforcement.
The key to PHOTOSafe Virginia Beach’s success is public knowledge of the systems and the assurance that if you run a red light, your vehicle will be photographed and you will receive a civil penalty for the violation. Details concerning Virginia Beach's automated red-light running enforcement program can be found under the related documents section.
The following information is provided for assistance:
To speak to a Virginia Beach Police Officer about a red light camera violation contact the PHOTOSafe program office at (757) 385-7235.
The PHOTOSafe office is located in the Virginia Beach Municipal Center Building 11, at 2509 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456.
The address to the PHOTOSafe Payment Center is: Virginia Beach Police Department, Payment Center, P.O. Box 76668, Cleveland, OH 44101-6500.
To view the violation video evidence online or to pay a violation by credit card, visit and enter the following information:  Your citation number (example: PSVB00000000), vehicle license plate number (no dashes), and City Code: VRBHVA.
For additional information about Virginia Beach's PHOTOSafe Program or to arrange a PHOTOSafe presentation, contact the program coordinator at (757) 385-4673 or by email at​


 Planning & Analysis

​The Office of Planning & Analysis transformed in 2019 growing in the number of personnel and scope of duties.  With the growth came a reorganization into two units: Technology and Analytical Services.

The Technology Unit’s mission is to manage the technology project portfolio for the Police Department and serve as liaisons to City IT and other City departments. Plan, lead, manage, and evaluate the delivery of technology services for the Police Department in alignment with the organizational vision, mission, values, and goals to meet the information needs of internal and external customers.  The unit is staffed by the technology services manager and a business application specialist II.  Other duties include managing technology related incidents, completing software upgrades, developing system requirements, and implementing new technology initiatives.  

The Analytical Services Unit’s mission is to assist department members in decision making through administrative, tactical, and strategic crime analysis. The team is responsible for preparing the official crime statistics for the department. ASU is staffed by seven civilian members: one data analysis supervisor and six public safety analysts. Reorganizing all data analysis activities into one centralized team promotes communication, cross training, and encourages standardized deliverables. Other duties include preparing statistical summary reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, writing reports that include detailed methods, conclusions and recommendations, preparing materials and delivering written or oral presentations, working with geographic information system (GIS) software tools to map and analyze data, and solving various technical and administrative problems. The team performs queries of large databases using tools such as SQL and/or MS Excel. The goal of the unit is to improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of the delivery of police services through data-driven decision-making.
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