Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

​​​​​​The Virginia Freedom of Information Act, Chapter 37 of Title 2.2 of the State Code, ensures the people of the Commonwealth ready access to public records in the custody of a public body or its officers and employees. In an effort to support these laws, the Virginia Beach Police Department presents the following to assist citizens with their request for documents.

The Virginia Beach Police Department will release documents with as much information as possible, to the extent that such release does not constitute a violation of law, compromise the safety or privacy of any person or interfere with the efficient operation of the Police Department.

All records in the pos​session of the Department are open to the public, representatives of the print news media with circulation in the Commonwealth, and representatives of radio and television stations broadcasting in or into the Commonwealth unless, the Department specifically elects to exercise an exemption provided by the Virginia Freedom of Information Act or other provisions of state or federal law.

Documents that routinely are not released:
Personnel Records
Active cases under investigation and/or prosecution
Records regarding juveniles
Witness information

Criminal Arrest Records - The Department of State Police and specifically the Central Criminal Record Exchange is the custodian of these records.
(Records regarding arrests may be searched in the state's court system)

Public Copies of Accident reports and Police Offense reports may be obtained using ePRO or from the Records Department of the Support Services Division. Support Services is located in Building 11 in the Municipal Center. The hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The office is closed on holidays. If you need additional information, please call (757) 385-4331.

All FOIA requests should be submitted to the Custodian of Records for the Virginia Beach Police Department. The Custodian of Records is a sworn member of the Department, working within the Office of Internal Affairs. The Deputy Chief of the Professional Standards Division appoints the Custodian of Records.

The Act permits the Department to make reasonable charges for costs incurred in accessing, duplicating, supplying, or searching for requested records. Additionally, if the estimate cost of producing the requested documents is more than $200, a deposit may be required prior to the request being processed. In that event, the requestor will be notified in writing.

Address all requests to:
Virginia Beach Police Department
Custodian of Records - Office of Internal Affairs
2509 Princess Anne Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

For your convenience, you may submit a request electronically.

Upon receipt of a request, the Custodian of Records will date stamp the request, and that date will be considered the official date of notification. A request will normally be completed in five (5) business days, or the requestor will be sent some other notifications within that time.

To contact the Custodian of Records, you may call (757)385-4145. The fax number for the office is (757) 385-4007.

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