$41,194 Annual Salary During Police Academy
New police officer recruits are paid $41,194 while attending the 26 week police academy.
$43,280 Annual Salary Upon Academy Graduation (5% Increase)
Upon graduation from the police academy,  police officers are sworn in and receive a 5% increase to $43,280. This amount represents "base" salary which does not include earnings from paid overtime or court time. All uniforms and equipment are supplied by the Virginia Beach Police Department.
Annual Increases
City Council determines employee raises each year during the budget process. The amount of the increase varies. Employees received a 3% increase during the July 2013-June 2014 fiscal year.
Eligibility for promotion and Increase for Master Police Officer in Six Years
After six years, police officers may participate in an examination based on the departmental general orders and field guides. If successful, they will be promoted to Master Police Officer and receive a 10% salary increase. The maximum base salary that may be earned as a Master Police Officer is $72,777.
Salary Range Information by Rank
​Rank Minimum Salary​ ​Maximum Salary
​Police Officer Recruit ​$41,194 N/A
​Police Officer ​$43,280 ​$62,757
​Master Police Officer ​$50,191 ​$72,777
Police Sergeant​ ​$58,206 ​$84,400
​Police Lieutenant ​$64,250 ​$96,375
​Police Captain ​$74,509 $111,763
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