What are the age requirements?
Applicants must be 20 years of age to apply, 21 years of age at the time a recruit completes the basic academy and is sworn in as a Police Officer. There is no maximum age for participation in the academy. Typically, the age of recruits ranges from the low-20's to the mid-40's. Sworn police officers do face mandatory retirement at age 65.
What are the education requirements?
While high school graduation (or possession of a GED) is stated as a minimum education requirement, most of our successful recruits have had some college. Typically, about half of the recruits selected for an academy class possess a bachelor's degree. Those who do not possess college level education usually have military or other related work experience. In recent years, approximately 40% of our recruits have had prior military experience.
What other requirements are there?
In addition to the age and education requirements discussed above, police officer applicants must be U.S. citizens because of their responsibility to enforce the U.S. Constitution and they must be eligible to obtain a Virginia or North Carolina driver's license. As a condition of employment, all new police officer employees must sign an agreement that they will not use tobacco products either on or off duty. Also, police officer employees must be willing to maintain an acceptable level of physical fitness.
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