• Enroll in criminal justice courses at your local community college.
  • Click here for the Next Generation Law Enforcement study guide prepared by the test developer.
  • Contact one of the four precincts in Virginia Beach to schedule a ride along:
    First Precinct - (757) 385-4377
    Second Precinct - (757) 385-2700
    Third Precinct - (757) 385-2703
    Fourth Precinct - (757) 385-2800
  • Stay fit. Engage in aerobic and strength training activities. Stretch for greater flexibility.
  • Click here for information on how to train for the physical ability test.
  • Click here for brief test instructions and preparation for candidates.
  • Check your driving history at your local DMV to ensure you don't have more than two (-2) negative points on your record.
  • Request a copy of your credit history from Equifax, Inc. (1-800-685-1111), Experian (1-800-682- 7654 or 1-800-392-1122) or Trans Union (316-636-6100) to ensure that your financial information is correct. Correct any errors.
  • You will be asked to provide several personal documents. Begin locating them now. They are:
    birth certificate
    social security card
    high school diploma
    college transcripts (if applicable)
    military discharge Form DD-214 (if applicable)
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