Investigation Statistics

The Office of Internal Affairs (IA) is supervised and managed by Lieutenant David Sorenson and the unit is responsible for conducting and/or coordinating investigations of police employee misconduct. The unit has six first line supervisors (Sergeants) who are responsible for the investigative functions. Internal Affairs personnel interact with citizens in person, via the phone or internet and document every complaint, to include complaints made anonymously. Internal Affairs has a collaborative relationship with the city's Human Resources Division, Risk Management, City Attorney's Office, City Auditor's Office and other departments to ensure that the Virginia Beach Police Department (VBPD) is in full compliance with all city, state and federal mandates/regulations. 

In 2017, IA facilitated 213 investigations (Citizen Complaints, Internal Investigations and Inquiries) which resulted in 239 allegations of misconduct. 86 allegations were sustained. A sustained finding is determined when there is sufficient evidence to prove the accused employee violated a department rule, order or city policy. 57% of the sustained allegations resulted from internally generated investigations. Internal Affairs reviewed 1,094 individual Use of Force (UOF) reports in 2017 generated from a total of 54,395 enforcement actions against citizens. Out of all of these encounters which may have resulted in a use of force incident, only 13% of citizens in 2017 reported being injured. Only 2% reported an injury that required outpatient medical care. 

Internal Affairs is additionally tasked with responding to all requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act, Subpoena Duces Tecums, and court orders; in 2017, IA responded to 3850 requests (this is an increase of 2% from the previous year).​

1st Quarter 2018 Citizen Complaint Allegations- Findings

Rule Vio​​lation​​Not SustainedExoneratedUnfoundedSustained
Arrest, Search and Seizure3100
Bias Based Policing0220
Conformance to Laws0200
Departmental Reports1022
Disobedience of Orders1001
Operating Vehicles0100
Unsatisfactory Performance1700
Use of Physical Force3615


All citizen complaints are broken down into specific allegation classifications. Each allegation requires the accused employee’s commanding officer to recommend one of the below listed findings to the Chief of Police

Sustained: Sufficient evidence to prove allegation. The incident occurred, the accused employee committed the act, and it was in violation of a departmental rule or order.

Not Sustained: Insufficient evidence to prove or disprove allegation. The incident may or may not have occurred and the overall evidence is not enough to establish that a violation occurred.

Exonerated: Incident occurred, but employee’s actions were proper. The employee did essentially what the citizen alleges they did, but the actions were reasonable, proper, and consistent with current policies and/or training.

Unfounded: Allega​tion is proven to be false. The evidence clearly demonstrates that the event did not occur, or if it did occur the accused employee is not the person responsible for committing it.​

1st Quarter 2018 Citizen Complaint Allegations - Actions Taken

​Every sustained complaint and on occasion a not-sustained complaint will result in some action on the part of the agency. 

Rule ViolationDismissResignDemotionSuspendReprimandCounsel/TrainPolicy Review
Arrest, Search and Seizure0000000
Bias Based Policing0000000
Conformance to Laws0000000
Departmental Reports​0000020
Disobedience of Orders0000111
Operating Vehicles0000000
Unsatisfactory Performance0000140
Use of Physical Force000000​0

2017 Statistics​

Administrative InvestigationsTotals
Citizen Complaint81
Internal Investigation​62
Handle as Information Cases244
Firearms Discharges4

Citizen  & Internal Allegations by FindingTotals
Not Sustained29
Active Cases30

3rd Quarter 2017 Citizen Complaint Allegations- Findings

Rule Vio​​lation​​Not SustainedExoneratedUnfoundedSustained
Abuse of Position0000
Arrest, Search and Seizure0100
Bias Based Policing0000
Conformance to Laws0000
Departmental Reports0100
Disobedience of Orders0000
Processing Property & Evidence0001
Treatment of Prisoners0000
Unsatisfactory Performance2013
Use of Physical Force0230
Use of Tobacco0000

3rd Quarter 2017 Citizen Complaint Allegations - Actions Taken​

Rule ViolationDismissResignDemotionSuspendReprimandCounsel/TrainPolicy Review
Abuse of Position0000000
Arrest, Search and Seizure0000000
Bias Based Policing0000000
Conformance to Laws0000000
Departmental Reports​0000000
Disobedience of Orders0000000
Processing Property & Evidence0000010
Treatment of Prisoners0000000
Unsatisfactory Performance0100020
Use of Physical Force000000​0
Use of Tobacco0000000

4th Quarter 2017 Citizen Complaint Allegations- Findings

Rule ViolationNot SustainedExoneratedUnfoundedSustained
Abuse of Position1000
Arrest, Search and Seizure2101
Bias Based Policing0110
Conformance to Laws1015
Departmental Reports0000
Disobedience of Orders0003
Processing Property & Evidence0000
Treatment of Prisoners0000
Unsatisfactory Performance01102
Use of Physical Force1601
Use of Tobacco0000
Use of Weapons0100

4th Quarter 2017 Citizen Complaint Allegations - Actions Taken​
Rule ViolationDismissResignDemotionSuspendReprimandCounsel/TrainPolicy Review
Abuse of Position0000​000
Arrest, Search and Seizure0001000
Bias Based Policing0000000
Conformance to Laws0003020
Departmental Reports0000000
Disobedience of Orders0000030
Processing Property & Evidence0000000
Treatment of Prisoners0000000
Unsatisfactory Performance0000020
Use of Physical Force0001000
Use of Tobacco0000000
Use of Weapons0000000

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