How to Apply

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The first step is to apply online. All applications for any City of Virginia Beach job opening are advertised on the city's Human Resources website. We have made an attempt to put as much information as possible on this website to answer questions you may have before you apply. If you are not able to find an answer to a question, please contact us at (757) 385-6987 or (866) 2 POLICE.

 Application Testing Dates & PHQ

To apply for the position of Police Officer Recruit, you must first apply to the City of Virginia Beach web site. Applications are accepted only for positions for which we are recruiting. Visit the WAVE-Web Application for Virginia Beach Employment  site to fill out the application and be sure to search the posting’s of available police academies. 

Once you have applied through the City’s web application site (WAVE), save a copy of one of the following forms to your computer: Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) in PDF format, or the Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) in MS Word formatYou must save the form to your computer first or any information you enter may be lost. Instructions for completion are on page two (2) of the PHQ. After entering all required information on the PHQ, complete the Authorization for Release of Information, the Credit Release Form, and the Physical Ability Test Waiver FormNotarize the Release of Information and submit it along with your Credit Release and your PHQ. Bring your Physical Ability testing Waiver Form with you to your scheduled test date. You should submit your PHQ with all required documents as soon as possible to secure a seat for testing. Packets received for a test date after the Registration Deadline will be considered for a later test date. The PHQ and all required documents should be sent via mail ( U.S. Post Office, FedEx, UPS, etc.) or hand-delivered to the police academy at:​

Virginia Beach Police Department
Law Enforcement Training Academy
411 Integrity Way
Virginia Beach, VA 23451     
If you have any questions, you may contact the Police Department at:
Direct: (757) 385-6987
Direct: (866) 2POLICE
Fax:  (757) 437-7654​
You must complete the application process (which includes filling out and submitting both an Online Application and Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ)) before you can be scheduled for a VBPD Police Recruit test. You will be contacted by Investigator Robert Watson to schedule a test date only after submitting all required paperwork listed on the PHQ. VBPD Police Academies are currently scheduled twice a year. Applicants testing on any of the listed test dates will be processed for either academy based on availability of Recruit positions. The Written and the Physical Ability Tests are conducted on the same day.​​
​​​Testing Dates​
Registration Deadline 
Your packet must be received by 5 pm EST on the date listed below.
January 11, 2020
Saturday 9 a.m.
​December 6, 2019
March 7, 2020
Saturday 9 a.m.
January 31, 2020
May 2, 2020
Saturday 9 a.m.
​March 27, 2020
​July 11, 2020
Saturday 9 a.m.
June 5, 2020
September 12, 2020
Saturday 9 a.m.
​August 7, 2020
​November 7, 2020
Saturday 9 a.m.
​​October 2, 2020​

Applications that are filled out online (WAVE) are handled by the City of Virginia Beach Department of Human Resources. If you have any questions or issues filling out the online application, please contact Human Resources:
                    Human Resources
                    Building 18, Room 106
                    Municipal Center​​​​
                    2424 Courthouse Drive
                    Virginia Beach, VA. 23456
                    (757) 385-4157

*E-mail or if you are unable to call.

 Salary & Benefits

$43,264 Annual Salary During Police Academy
New police officer recruits are paid $43,264 while attending the 26 week police academy.
$45,448 Annual Salary Upon Academy Graduation (5% Increase)
Upon graduation from the police academy,  police officers are sworn in and receive a 5% increase to $45,448. This amount represents "base" salary which does not include earnings from paid overtime or court time. All uniforms and equipment are supplied by the Virginia Beach Police Department.
Annual Increases
City Council determines employee raises each year during the budget process. The amount of the increase varies. 
Career Progression Increases
After three years, police officers may participate in an examination based on the departmental general orders and field guides. If successful, they will be promoted to Police Officer II and receive a 5% salary increase. A second career progression to Master Police Officer is available after three years as a Police Officer II (additional 5% salary increase), when workforce development requirements are met. The maximum base salary that may be earned as a Master Police Officer is $77,230.
Salary Range Information by Rank
​Rank​Minimum Salary​​Maximum Salary
​Police Officer Recruit​$ 43,264N/A
​Police Officer I​$ 45,448​$ 66,602
​Police Officer II​$ 47,715​$ 69,930
Master Police Officer​​$ 52,707​$ 77,230
​Police Sergeant​$ 61,131​$ 89,565
​Police Lieutenant​$ 67,454$ 102,274
​Police Captain​$ 78,229​$ 118,602
​Police Deputy Chief​$ 95,098​​$ 144,165
​Police Chief​$ 110,074​$ 166,899

 Do I Qualify to be a Police Officer

What are the age requirements?

Applicants must be 20 years of age to apply, 21 years of age at the time a recruit completes the basic academy and is sworn in as a Police Officer. There is no maximum age for participation in the academy. Typically, the age of recruits ranges from the low-20's to the mid-40's. Sworn police officers do face mandatory retirement at age 65.

What are the education requirements?

While high school graduation (or possession of a GED) is stated as a minimum education requirement, most of our successful recruits have had some college. Typically, about half of the recruits selected for an academy class possess a bachelor's degree. Those who do not possess college level education usually have military or other related work experience. In recent years, approximately 40% of our recruits have had prior military experience.

What other requirements are there?

In addition to the age and education requirements discussed above, police officer applicants must be U.S. citizens because of their responsibility to enforce the U.S. Constitution and they must be eligible to obtain a Virginia or North Carolina driver's license. As a condition of employment, all new police officer employees must sign an agreement that they will not use tobacco products either on or off duty. Also, police officer employees must be willing to maintain an acceptable level of physical fitness.​

What disqualifiers are there to becoming a Police Officer?

The following link takes you to a list of Automatic Disqualifiers for a Virginia Beach Police Officer. Please read the list carefully, and please do not submit an application if any apply to you. Link to Automatic Disqualifiers Page.​

 What Can I do to Prepare Myself?

  • Enroll in criminal justice courses at your local community college.
  • Click here for the Next Generation Law Enforcement study guide prepared by the test developer.
  • Contact one of the four precincts in Virginia Beach to schedule a ride along:
    First Precinct - (757) 385-4377
    Second Precinct - (757) 385-2700
    Third Precinct - (757) 385-2703
    Fourth Precinct - (757) 385-2800
  • Stay fit. Engage in aerobic and strength training activities. Stretch for greater flexibility.
  • Click here for information on how to train for the physical ability test.
  • Click here for brief test instructions and preparation for candidates.
  • Check your driving history at your local DMV to ensure you don't have more than two (-2) negative points on your record.
  • Request a copy of your credit history from Equifax, Inc. (1-800-685-1111), Experian (1-800-682- 7654 or 1-800-392-1122) or Trans Union (316-636-6100) to ensure that your financial information is correct. Correct any errors.
  • You will be asked to provide several personal documents. Begin locating them now. They are: 
    Birth certificate 
    Social security card 
    High school diploma 
    College transcripts (if applicable) 
    Military discharge Form DD-214 (if applicable)​
Contact Information