​The Virginia Beach Police Department is not currently accepting Auxiliary Officers.

The primary function of the Auxiliary Police component is to augment the Departments' Operations Division-Uniform Patrol resources, especially during events or in situations that tend to overburden the normal operations of the Operations Division-Uniform Patrol. All auxiliary members shall abide by all Department and Auxiliary rules and regulations while performing duties for the Department. Auxiliary members shall be accountable to the on-duty supervisor at the location assigned.

The chain of command with the Auxiliary Police shall be limited to the Auxiliary Police Coordinator, Auxiliary Police Commanding Officer, the Commanding Officer of the Operations Division, and the Chief of Police. Sworn Auxiliary Police Officers shall have the same authority and arrest powers as a paid police officer but shall be subordinate to paid officers. All other Auxiliary members shall be subordinate to the paid Department staff to which they may be assigned as well as to all paid officers.

During special events requiring crowd or traffic control, Auxiliary Police shall be utilized to permit paid personnel to perform their usual patrol assignments.

In times of unusual circumstances, such as civil disturbances or natural disasters, Auxiliary Police will be assigned to perform the patrol assignments of paid officers who are needed to perform special duties related to these conditions. When not involved in special events or unusual circumstance assignments, sworn Auxiliary Police may perform the usual police duties assigned to paid officers in accordance with Department and Auxiliary regulations.

All auxiliary members shall be governed by the rules and regulations set forth by the Chief of Police. All auxiliary members shall adhere to the policies and procedures set forth in the Department's Administrative and Operational Procedure Manuals. In addition, all auxiliary members shall adhere to those rules and regulations issued by the Auxiliary Police Commanding Officer and contained in the Auxiliary Police Administrative Procedure Manual.

The Auxiliary Police is a non-paid volunteer organization whose primary function is to assist the regular force in policing the City of Virginia Beach.