23rd Session
Fall 2013
October 17, 2013 - March 27, 2014
Applications Due October 14, 2013 by 5 p.m.
It is our desire to reach out to young people, like yourself, and inspire good citizenship through criminal justice education. Because the program demands the very best from its participants, students must meet the following qualifications:
  1. Students must reside in the City of Virginia Beach.
  2. Students must be in High School (age 14-18) and maintain at least a “C” average.   Students who have below “C” average can ask for a waiver. You must contact MPO J.M. McElligott.
  3. Students must not have been arrested or referred to the Juvenile Court Services Unit.
  4. Students must not be involved with substance abuse, i.e., smoking, alcohol, drugs.
  5. Students must attach a copy of their most recent report card to the application.
  6. Parents must complete a “Release of liability Form,” signed by parent/guardian.
  7. Students must sign the Student Behavioral Contract.
  8. Submit at least one recommendation from a teacher, School Resource Officer (SRO), or member of your community.
  9. Submit a written summary on why the student wants to attend the Youth Police Academy, and what the student intends to gain from the experience.