Welcome to the Third Precinct

The Virginia Beach Police Department’s Third Precinct encompasses the cultural heart of the city in Town Center. There you can find elegant night life and some of the city’s finest dining. A short drive away is Chesapeake Beach (locally known as Chic’s Beach), a local beach nestled along the northern edge of the precinct. But perhaps its most outstanding resource is the men and women of the Third Precinct (affectionally known as the Third H3rd) and their dedication to the community in which they serve. The officers here live the ethos of Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence going beyond the calls for service and directly engaging with the community. You can often find members of the Third Precinct participating in such events as National Night Out, book readings, community surveys, civic leagues, fundraisers, or partnering with local religious institutions for community outreach programs. Ultimately, the officers of the Third precinct take great PRIDE in their dedication to the community because they recognize that they are part of the community. Our love for our neighborhoods causes us to take swift, intelligent led measures to combat crime and the fear of crime in our precinct. The officers who serve this precinct are just as diverse as the communities that are contained within setting the example of premier law enforcement service to our community through the building of trust with transparency and fairness, so that we all will continue to make Virginia Beach a “Community for a Lifetime”.

Meet the Commanding Officer of the Third Precinct

Capt. Wilkerson

Captain Wilkerson is a 27-year veteran of the Virginia Beach Police Department. 
Captain Wilkerson has served in a variety of assignments to include all four Patrol Precincts, Special Investigation’s Narcotics Detective, First Precinct Administrative Sergeant, Special Operation’s Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team Leader (Sergeant) and Traffic Safety Commander (Lieutenant), and Command Duty Officer (Captain). 

Captain Wilkerson holds a Master of Criminal Justice Degree from Troy University, a Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice from the University of Virginia, a Graduate Certificate in Command Officer Management and a Bachelor of Criminology Degree from Saint Leo University. 
Captain Wilkerson is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigations National Academy (FBINA) Session 277. 

Captain Wilkerson is also a veteran of the United Sates Army Infantry.            

 Third Precinct