Welcome to Special Operations

Originally, the majority of Special Operations units worked out of separate, dilapidated buildings with inadequate working space and storage. This changed in November of 2013 with the construction of a 32,000 square foot facility that is shared with Forensics and Property and Evidence. The building is highly functional and includes ample office space, full fitness center, decontamination room, armory, officer work area, conference room, and large training room with innovative audio and video technology.

Meet the Commanding Officer of Special Operations

Capt JT ORRCaptain J. T. Orr is 32-year veteran with the Virginia Beach Police Department. He is the current Commanding Officer of the department’s Special Operations command. His duties include oversight of a wide range of units comprised of highly trained and equipped officers responsible for specialized traffic enforcement, maintaining and deploying rapid response tactical teams for handling unusual or significant occurrences, and conducting dedicated law enforcement actions on land, by sea, and in the air.

Captain Orr has worked in a wide range of uniformed, investigative, and administrative positions within the department. As a patrol officer and supervisor, he was assigned to the Second Precinct, Third Precinct, and to Oceanfront Operations. He went on to spend a majority of his career in investigative assignments as both a detective and supervisor in the Property Crimes, Auto Theft, Robbery, and Homicide Squads. As a Lieutenant, he was the commanding officer of the Violent Crimes Section of the Detective Bureau and of the Office of Internal Affairs. As a Captain, he has held positions as a Command Duty Officer, the Commanding Officer of the Third Police Precinct, and in his current assignment.

Captain Orr holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor Degree in Public Administration from Saint Leo University, as well as an Associate of Arts Degree from Saint Leo College. He has attended several executive level leadership courses to include the Senior Management Institute for Police at Boston University, the Virginia Police Chiefs Foundation Professional Executive Leadership School, he is certified as an organizational coach by George Mason University, and a Distinguished Graduate of the agency’s West Point Leadership Course.

In addition to his normal duties, Captain Orr is a licensed polygraph examiner and an appointed board member of a statewide regulatory board that oversees all licensing and regulatory matters involving the use of the polygraph. He is a veteran of the United States Navy.

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