School Resource Officer Program

SRO picThe School Resource Officer (SRO) programs purpose is to facilitate the development of positive relationships between the police officer and students by instilling an atmosphere of approachability, mutual respect, and trust within the school community. This is done by creating safe, secure schools while developing and maintaining a successful working relationship between police, school administrators, staff, parents, and students.

School resource officers are specially selected and trained, uniformed police officers assigned to eachSRO middle and high school campus within the city of Virginia Beach. They retain all of the duties and responsibilities of a sworn police officers, but have willingly taken on the responsibility of being a friend, coach, educator, mentor and roll model for students. School Resource Officers are a critical member of a schools staff and are a committed partner to the success of every student. The SRO will be found participating in every activity of the school environment such as teaching, participating in class discussions, coaching sports teams, interacting with the sporting events and being a visible throughout the school day to build positive interactions and relationships with all students.