Neighborhood Watch

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Neighborhood Watch is a program that has been implemented in many neighborhoods to prevent crime. The program is simple— it involves neighborhood concern and awareness, along with police cooperation. ​The concept is: 

I. Be alert to things happening on your street and in your neighborhood. 

II. Watch for the unusual—if you suspect anything out of the ordinary— call the police at 385-5000 (non-emergency phone number). 

Remember, the police need your eyes and ears to protect your neighborhood!​

Neighborhood W​atch Pamphlet

Neighborhood Watch Training

This online training is offered to allow individuals to complete the training which is one of the requirements to become part of a certified Neighborhood Watch community. Please click through and review the following training document.

Neighborhood Watch Online Training

Upon completion of the review of the Neighborhood Watch Online Training document, you will be required to click on a link, open up a form, and enter your first and last name, your street address, and your email address on the Neighborhood Watch Training Registration Form. *NOTE: Opening and Submitting the Registration Form only works using the Internet Explorer browser.

This information will be retained by the Virginia Beach Police Department's Community Engagement Unit and will be used only in conjunction with the Neighborhood Watch program. When you have entered the required information, please click on the "Submit by Email" button. A certificate of completion will then be prepared and emailed to you shortly.

We thank you for your interest and p​articipation in your Neighborhood Watch program to help keep your community safer.

 1st Precinct

​Current Neighborhood Watches

  • Appomattox Village of Courthouse Estates
  • Sandbridge
  • Shire Villages of Buckner Farms
  • Landstown Meadows
  • Indian River Plantations
  • Wordsworth of West Neck Villages
  • Nottingham South​​

 2nd Precinct

​​Current Neighborhood Watches

  • ​16th Street
  • Baycliff
  • Birdneck Lakes
  • Broad Bay Point Greens
  • Great Neck Meadows
  • Long Creek Cove
  • Park Place

 3rd Precinct

​​Current Neighborhood Watches

  • ​​​Lake Smith Terrace North
  • Haygood Point
  • Governor Square
  • Lakeview Shores
  • Lawson Forest
  • Little Neck Cove
  • Old Donation Farm
  • Pembroke Meadows
  • Redwood Farm
  • Ridgely Manor Belmeade
  • Ridgely Manor Grace Hill
  • Sajo Farms
  • Thalia Shores
  • Thalia Wayside
  • Thoroughgood
  • Weblin Place
  • Wesleyan Chase
  • Wishart Cove​​

 4th Precinct

​​Current Neighborhood Watches

  • ​​Kempsville Lakes - Zone # 2
  • Homestead
  • College Park
  • Lake James​