Community Liaison Officers

The Community Liaison Officers work to reduce and prevent crime in the community by forming cooperative relationships with community groups, assisting in the development of community engagement policies, and by implementing programs designed to combat crime trends and specific neighborhood problems. The Community Liaison Officers' mission is to enhance police department-community collaboration by offering educational services and providing safety awareness resources to the residents, businesses, and visitors of Virginia Beach.

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​Officer Name ​Responsibilitie​​s​ ​Phone Number

MPO Nicole Allday

​1st Precinct Community Liaison              

Work: (757) 385-4377
Cell:   (757) 334-6772

Sergeant Nicholas Ball


MPO Anthony Espinosa   

PO Charlotte Mayberry

PO Jude Brenya

​​​​2nd Precinct Oceanfront Resort Liaison Officer

2nd Precinct Oceanfront Resort Liaison Officer

2nd Precinct Oceanfront Resort Liaison Officer

2nd Prec
inct Community Liaison

Work: ​(757) 385-2789
Cell:   (757) 416-2419

Work: (757) 385-2772
Cell:   (757) 354-5601

Work: (757) 385-2771
Cell:   (757) 418-9411

Work: (757) 385-1338
Cell:   (757) 355-0825

MPO David R.Shoenbach

3rd  Precinct Community Liaison

Work: (757) 385-2741
Cell:   (757) 536-7184

​PO Kevin Stephenson

4th Precinct Community Liaison

Work: (757) 385-1068
Cell:   (757) 617-4868

​MPO Dionne Paniza

Senior Citizen's Police Academy Coordinator
Hispanic CPA Coordinator
Every 15 Minutes (Anti-DUI and Alcohol Awareness) Coordinator
Police Explorer Post
Youth Academy Coordinator

​(757) 385-1066

​​MPO Allen Perry
DCJS Certified Crime Prevention Specialist

Citizens Defense/Active Threat Training Coordinator
Religious Institutions Security Program
Citizen Police Academy Coordinator
Employee Citizens Police Academy coordinator
Youth Police Academy Coordinator
Alumni Association Coordinator
Police Explorer Post

(757) 385-2742

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