Community Service Officers

CSO assist TrafficThe Community Service Officers (CSO's) are department members that further aid citizens in their time of need and further the mission of the Virginia Beach Police Departments. CSOs are made up of part-time officers within each precinct. These are qualified and passionate members who provide support for both police officers and citizens of Va. Beach. The unique interaction the CSO have with both citizens and the police department is vital to the mission of having that strong relationship between parties. They have been recognized by other cities for their emergencies assistance and for their overwhelm dedication to the Hampton Roads area. CSO's assist officers and citizens in a wide variety of actions.

Their Duties include:

  • Assisting crash scenes by directing traffic, help safely secure scenes, and to make sure no other damage or injuries occurred on scene. 
  • Help citizens with their disabled vehicles: by changing tires, fueling stalled vehicles and or jumpstarting vehicles. In addition, push disabled vehicles out of the roadway, call for tow truck assistance, assist with parking enforcement, and investigate abandoned vehicles in the city limits, among other calls for service.
  • Major support for the police department when a citizen calls 911 out on the roadway. This allows prioritization of certain cases for patrol officers in saving time and resources.

**Come join the Community Service Team and become a part of the Virginia Beach Police Department. **

CSO Assist.jpgCommunity Service truck assisting the Fire Department


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