Cold Cases by Date

​​​​Name of Victim Date Location
Ronald Eugene Keith January 1970 Field Across from Plaza Middle School
Baby Jane Doe 1 April 1970 Water's Edge At Sandbridge Beach 
Lynn Seethaler & Janice Pietropola June 1973  Motel Cottage At Oceanfront 
Beverly Christensen June 1974  2500 Block of Arctic Avenue
Marshall Hamilton January 1975 800 Block of Shurney Lane
Joseph J. Kelly May 1975 200 Block of 10th Street 
Jane Doe May 1976  Floating in Chesapeake Bay 
Frank Carl Pepper March 1978  3700 Block of South Plaza Trail 
Alice Margaret Eskew September 1979 Wooded Area of Seashore State Park 
Brenda Joi Bancroft December 1979 500 Block of Spring Lake Crescent
Patsy Bray Cowan October 1980 4400 Block Smokey Lake Drive 
William Davis February 1981 2700 Block of Salem Road 
Frederick Wells, Sr. March 1982 200 Block of Green Spring Court
Hazel Williams April 1983 800 Block of Virginia Beach Boulevard 
Joan Zwingman & Christine Pilczak August 1983 Recovered from Chesapeake Bay 
Lisa Ann Jolley January 1985 5600 Block of Barnaby Court 
Rafaella G. Bryant July 1985 4100 Block First Court Road 
Roberta Walls May 1986 Field Behind Old Donation Elementary School 
Velma Jane Peregory February 1987 3500 Block of Francis Land Court 
James Allen Sutton July 1988 5500 Block of Gower Place 
Anastasia N. Christou July 1988 300 Block of 25 1/2 Street 
Emory Eli Carroll October 1988  3500 Block of Shore Drive 
Autry Church November 1988 Cleveland Street & Pennsylvania Avenue 
Morriel McClain  August 1989 3600 Block of Smokey Chamber Drive 
Annunciacion Lapio Imperial February 1990 900 Block of Kempsville Road 
David Lee Lamb, Jr. August 1990 1100 Block of Hillock Crescent
Karen Ann Wheeler January 1991  700 Block General Booth Boulevard 
Michele Dewitt Pore February 1991 600 Block of Lynnhaven Parkway 
Joseph Anthony Mayhan April 1991 700 Block of Artic Avenue 
Thomas J. Hilton July 1991  1200 Block of Baker Road 
Samuel Baruch October 1991  300 Block of Birchwood Park Drive 
Lee Allen Navarro November 1991  3700 Block of Virginia Beach Boulevard 
Jason B. Walker February 1992 500 Block of Newtown Road 
Reginald Basnight, Jr. July 1992 1200 Block of Glyndon Drive 
Karl Alston  August 1992 1000 Block of Atlantis Drive 
Harleen Singh March 1993 Independence Boulevard & Bonney Road 
Dedric Mason July 1993 3700 Block of Mainsail Court 
Robert A. McFarland April 1994 5800 Block of East Hastings Arch 
Unidentified Human Skeleton April 1995  Creek Near The Owls Creek Golf Course 
Louis Anthony Barone November 1996 100 Block of Castilian Drive 
Baby Jane Doe 2 December 1996  2600 Block of International Parkway 
Joseph Haught April 1997  700 Block of Military Highway 
Rudolph Stewart, Jr. April 1997  5500 Block of Diamond Springs Road 
Roy White March 1999 500 Block of Newtown Road
James L. Dejarnette, Jr. March 2000 1500 Block of New York Avenue 
Carlos Ricardo Thomas July 2001 3800 Block of Old Forge Road 
Zedric D. Daniels November 2001  5600 Block of Greenwich Road 
Andre Heckstall May 2003 600 Block of Newtown Road 
Jonathan Anthony Pelham September 2003 800 Block of Hampstead Court 
Michael Ryan Snapp September 2003 4600 Block of Downeast Court 
Lois Schmidt & Jonathan Vetrano June 2004 1100 Block of Newcombe Road 
Mary Rachel Carson Also Known As 'Shellie' August 2005  3400 Block of Newcastle Road
Shawn Gary John January 2006 Old Virginia Beach Road & Barberton Drive 
Walter J. Zakrzewski October 2006 Virginia Wesleyan College 
Russell Grant Valentine, Jr. April 2007  6000 Block of Wesleyan Drive 
Jesse Terrell Brown December 2007 1300 Block of Thamesford Drive 
Eric Mario Carballo June 2008  500 Block of Southgate Avenue 


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