Detective Bureau

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In service to the victims of crime, the Virginia Beach Police Department Detective Bureau exists to assertively and objectively investigate crimes while honoring established legal principles, properly document these investigations, and present the findings for judicial review.

Meet the Commanding Officer of the Detective Bureau.

 Domestic Violence

The domestic violence unit is responsible for investigating felony cases involving assault of a family household member and stalking. The domestic violence unit also partners with community stakeholders to investigate reports of child abuse and neglect, as well as elder abuse and neglect. These cases ae routinely investigated concurrently with Child Protective Services and Adult Protective Services to ensure the safety of the victims.

Click here for a Victim/Witness Service Guide.​

 Economic Crimes Unit

​Responsible for investigating identity theftembezzlement, larceny related to check and credit card fraud, computer crime and fraud, obtaining by false pretense, bad checks, forgery, construction fraud, bigamy, perjury, failure to return rental property, and counterfeit US currency and checks. If you have any questions related to the Economic Crime Unit, you can email us directly at  ​

 Forensic Services Unit

The Forensic Services Unit is under the command of the Detective Bureau and is comprised of the crime scene investigation section and the fingerprint section. For more information about FSU, click the link below:



​Responsible for investigating all homicides, felony assaults, abductions and all death investigations that fall within the purview of the Medical Examiner. Medical Examiner cases include suicides, accidental deaths, unexplained or unexpected deaths and deaths which occur while the decedent is in a prison, jail or police custody. The Homicide Unit also consists of a Cold Case Homicide Unit.​

 Missing Persons

The missing persons unit is responsible for investigating runaway children, missing adults, and parental abduction. The need for follow up services by the court system or social services agencies will be conducted once the missing person is located. Investigations of parental abduction will be conducted in partnership with the Office of the Commonwealth Attorney to determine criminal charges.  

 Click here for information on runaway children.​

 Pawn Unit

Responsibilities of the Virginia Beach Pawn Unit are to enforce the local and state laws regulating pawnbrokers, secondhand dealers, precious metals dealers, scrap metal processors and junk dealers. The Pawn Unit serves as the contact between prospective business owners seeking to create new businesses of this type, and oversees the required permit application process requiring to operate in this field. In addition, the Pawn Unit facilitates the identification of suspects who commit crimes involving the sale/pawn of stolen property by collecting and making daily transaction records from local shops and dealers throughout the City of Virginia Beach, and it assists police investigators in the timely recovery of stolen property received by local shops and dealers.​

 Precinct Crime Units

Responsible for investigating burglary, larceny, assault, misdemeanor embezzlement, fraud, "flim flam" and general assignment cases. Each precinct has a Precinct Crime Unit. 

First Precinct PCU Sergeant - (757) 385-4942

Second Precinct PCU Sergeant - (757) 385-2761

Third Precinct PCU Sergeant - (757) 385-2722

Fourth Precinct PCU Sergeant - (757) 385-2824


​Responsible for investigating all robbery offenses within the city of Virginia Beach. These cases include bank robbery, robbery of a business, carjacking, home invasion robberies and all extortion cases. The Robbery Squad conducts Financial Crime Awareness Training exclusively for financial institution employees.  Contact them at (757) 385-4101 for more information.  For additional robbery prevention training, click here to view the Crime Prevention Unit Business Watch program.​

 Special Victims

Responsible for investigating sexually assaults against children and adults which took place within Virginia Beach. 

In the Tidewater Area, we have a victim advocacy organization of volunteers who are available to respond to assist victims of sexual assault with counseling and support services. Response Sexual Assault Support Services of the YWCA, 500 East Plume Street, Suite 700, Norfolk, Virginia 23510 (757) 622-4300 (, is the leading sexual assault victim support service in Tidewater.
The YWCA Crisis Hotline is available for any victim of sexual assault at (757) 251-0144 regardless of whether the assault was reported to the Police.

Once a matter has been reported to the police, a victim can get additional emotional support from the Victim Witness Advocate for the Virginia Beach Police Department at (757) 385-8721. They can also assist in helping the victim file for financial compensation as a result of the crime.

The Virginia Beach Department of Social Services has a twenty four hour hotline to report suspected child abuse by calling (757) 437-3400. If you have concerns about children in other jurisdictions,​​ you can find the reporting number by contacting The Child Abuse Reporting Website.

The Virginia Sexual Assault Hotline is (804) 793-9999 and available for victims of sexual assault.

The Special Victims Unit detectives also count on the professionals at the Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters' Child Abuse Program to assist in the collection of physical evidence of sexual assault or abuse of children. Additionally, a variety of services are offered to help victims and their families through the healing process.​

 Warrant & Fugitive Unit

​Responsible for executing civil mental custody orders, any felony and misdemeanor warrant, Circuit Court indictments, PB15 parole/probation violation papers, fugitive from justice warrants, capiases, magistrate summonses, and other related paperwork, issued by courts or magistrates. Warrants and/or court papers from within, or from outside the Commonwealth of Virginia, to include Governor's Warrants, are also executed by members of the Warrant/Fugitive Unit. Active warrants are available on ePRO.​
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