Special Investigations

 Criminal Intelligence Unit

​The Criminal Intelligence Unit is responsible for the collection, analysis, storage, and dissemination of criminal intelligence information. This information includes, but is not limited to, criminal activity involving narcotics, vice, organized crime, outlaw motorcycle and street gangs, extremist groups, subversive groups, hate and terrorist groups and related terrorist activities. Additionally these responsibilities include conducting preliminary criminal investigations, reporting citizen concerns regarding criminal activity and assisting in management of the Special Investigations records management system.​

 Diversion Unit

​The Diversion Unit is responsible for investigating offenses involving the illegal diversion of pharmaceutical drugs. This encompasses the investigation of forged or altered prescriptions to obtain drugs, "Doctor Shoppers", traffickers in prescription drugs, and the diversion of prescription drugs by healthcare professionals.​

 Internet Crimes Against Children Unit

​The Internet Crimes Against Children Unit is responsible for investigating and apprehending online sexual predators, those who possess and distribute child pornography, and for all computer forensics. ​

 Narcotics Unit

​The Narcotics Unit is responsible for the initial investigation of information received concerning illegal narcotics activity. Members of these units also conduct long-term narcotics investigations and drug interdiction.​

 Vice Unit

​The Vice Unit is responsible for the investigation of all vice activities including prostitution, gambling, pornography, ABC violations and other investigations as directed by the commanding officer.​
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