Identity Theft

​​​​Virginia State Code for Identity Theft is 18.2-186.3
If you are a victim of Identity Theft, to further assist the detective in investigating this case, you will need the following when you are ready to file the report with the Virginia Beach Police Department.
Alert the bank regarding the fraud immediately. The bank institution will put you in contact with a fraud investigator assigned to that bank. Normally you will be asked to file a report with your local police agency. The bank will then have you sign an affidavit of facts related to your case and may refund your account for the losses.
When reporting this crime to the VBPD, you will need to first contact Office Assistant Tammy Beidermen at (757) 385-8101 to insure you have all related evidence to fully prosecute your case.
You can file an identity theft report in the city in which you reside or the city in which the offense occurred.
The Federal Government has sponsored a web site to assist you with Identity Theft,
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