Abandoned Vehicles

​​​​Any vehicle that is inoperable and left unattended on public property or has remained illegally parked on public property for more than 96 hours is deemed to be abandoned. A vehicle is considered inoperable if it is not in an operating condition, if it is not state licensed, or if it is not state inspected.
Abandoned vehicles on city property will be removed and the last known owner of the vehicle will be notified by the Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles by certified mail regarding the location of the vehicle. If the vehicle is not claimed within 20 days of notification with payment for towing and storage, the vehicle will be sold at auction or crushed depending on the vehicle's condition.
To report an abandoned vehicle on public property call the ECCS non-emergency line at (757) 385-5000. To report an inoperable vehicle on private property call Housing Code Enforcement at (757) 385-4421.
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