Property & Evidence

Property & Evidence Unit
2509 Princess Anne Road, Building 11
Virginia Beach, VA 23456​

Hours of Operations: 
Monday - Friday - 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Closed for City Holidays

​P&E Leroy Site
2667 Leroy Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Hours of Operations: 
Monday - Friday- 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
By Appointment only on Fridays
Closed for City Holidays


​The Police Department utilizes the services of, an online auction company for all property with the exception of abandoned vehicles.  The Virginia Beach Police Department no longer holds public auctions of bicycles. 

Abandoned vehicles are auctioned on behalf of the department by Century Towing, located at 2828 Shipps Corner Road in Virginia Beach. Their number is (757) 460-9700.  
Click the links provided for Century Towing Auction dates and Century Towing auction rules.
For additional information, contact the Vehicle Impound Coordinator at (757) 385-8172 or​. ​​

 Found Property

Citizens may call the Police Department to turn in any found property. Found property that has a value will be maintained for a period of 90 days.

Found property may be claimed by the finder if the legal owner is not located. The property must be turned over to the police department and maintained for 90 days and bicycles must be maintained for 30 days. The following procedures must be followed in order to claim the found item:

  • An advertisement must be placed in the local paper providing a general description, general location and date the property was found. The advertisement must run once a week for two consecutive weeks and include the Property & Evidence unit's phone number (757) 385-4578. The potential owner must contact the police department and not the finder to determine ownership of the found item.
  • After the advertisement has run the specified amount of time, the finder must bring a copy of the advertising bill or a copy of the advertisement and proper identification to Property & Evidence in order to claim the property.
  • If the owner is located prior to the finder taking possession, the property will be returned to the lawful owner.
  • The City of Virginia Beach will not reimburse you for any expenses that you may incur.​

 Claim Property

​How to Claim Your Property

To claim your property, come to Property & Evidence with a valid picture ID and the report and/or voucher number. View the list of unclaimed property slated for disposal . This is not a complete list of unclaimed property. To inquire if an item of your property is in the possession of the Property & Evidence unit, please contact the office using the information below. Property that remains unclaimed will be disposed of after 90 days, in accordance with city code.​

Anyone who claims a firearm must have a Virginia State Police criminal background check completed to ensure that they are eligible by law to possess a firearm. Please arrive no later than 3:30 pm to allow enough time to complete the paperwork for the criminal background check. The results of the background check can take up to 7 days to receive. Persons who have been involuntarily committed for psychiatric treatment; convicted of a felony or domestic assault; or are under a protective order are not eligible to possess a firearm.

Money will be returned in the form of a check drawn from the Property & Evidence bank account.

 Shipping Property

If you live outside of the Hampton Roads area (Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Isle of Wight, Hampton, Newport News, and Williamsburg) and are not able to claim your property in person, arrangements can be made to have your property shipped to you.

To have property (except firearms) shipped to you, complete this form (PD405) in its entirety and return it to the Property & Evidence unit at the address provided. Please note, this form requires notarization in order to be processed.

To have firearms shipped to your local Federal Firearms License (FFL), complete this form (PD404) in its entirety and return it to the Property & Evidence unit at the address provided. Please note, this form requires notarization in order to be processed. Once the completed form is received, we will verify the information provided before shipping the firearm to the selected FFL. Under federal law, the FFL is required to conduct a criminal background check to ensure the recipient is eligible to possess the firearm. ​Persons who have been involuntarily committed for psychiatric treatment; convicted of a felony or domestic assault; or are under a protective order are not eligible to possess a firearm.

 Guns & Ammunition

​Guns or ammunition may be turned into the Property & Evidence unit or at any of the four precincts to be properly and safely destroyed. When turning in firearms, please ensure the firearm is unloaded and all ammunition is separated from the firearm.​

 Held Property

​Notification of Held Property

The case officer should notify you that the Police Department is in possession of your property. A follow-up letter will be sent by the Property & Evidence unit notifying you that the Police department has your property and that a release authorization has been given. The Property & Evidence Unit is not able to release property without the consent of the investigating officer.​

 Prescription Medication Take Back Program

​The Virginia Beach Police Department launched the program in June 2015 to better serve the community by providing a secure means for citizens to dispose of their unused or expired household and personal medications. The medications are then disposed of safely by environmentally friendly incineration.

Citizens are able to drop off unused medications at any precinct. No paperwork is required and citizens can remain anonymous. Department personnel are available at the precincts to assist citizens and to answer any questions about the program. For additional information or to print a brochure, click here​.

Citizens are not required to remove pills from their original container or remove labels from containers. If citizens choose to remove pills from their original container, please seal the loose pills in a plastic bag before coming to the precinct to prevent loose pills from falling on the floor of the precinct lobby.

Please bring large amounts of medications to the Property & Evidence service window between the hours of 7:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The service window is located in Police Headquarters (Municipal Center, Building 11) on the ground floor.

Collection Totals:
Over 22,000 lbs of medications have been turned in since the start of the program.   Recent annual totals are below. 

2020 – 2,807.5 lbs
2021 – 3,353.6 lbs


·         All prescription and over-the-counter medications
·         Vitamins
·         Veterinary medications
·         Liquid medication (in sealed bags)
·         Loose pills (in sealed bags)
·         Medicine patches​​
·         Needles, syringes, Epi-pens

Not Accepted:

​·         Items from pharmaceutical representatives, pharmacies or medical offices
·         IV bags
·         Thermometers and other mercury items
·         Empty containers
·         Illegal drugs and paraphernalia
·         Personal care items, such as feminine napkins
·         First aid supplies (bandages, gauze, etc.)
·         Lotions
·         Batteries
·         Medical equipment (insulin pumps, glucometers, etc.)
·         Ammunition
·         Trash​​​

Expired and unused medication can be dropped off at any of the four police precincts:

1st Precinct
2509 Pri​ncess Anne Road
(757) 385-4377
Hours: 6:00 am - 2:00 am
2nd Precinct
820 Virginia Beach Blvd.
(757) 385-2700
Open 24 hours
3rd Precinct
926 Independence Blvd.
(757) 385-2703
Open 24 hours
4th Precinct
5152 Lobaugh Drive
(757) 385-2800
Open 24 hours​
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