Special Constable Malachi J. Beasley

​​​On Saturday, September 24, 1898, Special Constable Beasley was shot and killed while attempting to arrest a man wanted for stealing a handgun earlier in the day. The victim of the theft made a complaint to the local justice of the peace, who swore in Mr. Beasley as a Special Constable in order to arrest the suspect.
Special Constable Beasley located the suspect on North Landing Road, about one mile from the Princess Anne County Courthouse. When the Constable informed the suspect that he was under arrest, the man immediately pulled out a pistol (the one he had stolen earlier) and opened fire, striking Constable Beasley in the neck and head, killing him.
The suspect fled the scene but was later arrested by a posse, who transferred him to the Norfolk City Jail for his own safety. On October 3, 1898, a Grand Jury recommended his case be tried, and on December 6, 1898, he was sentenced to death by hanging.
Special Constable Beasley had only been sworn in hours before he was murdered. His wife and three children survived him.
For his ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, Special Constable Malachi Beasley was awarded the Department's Blue Star.