Special Officer Allen Gimbert

​​​In May of 1923, prohibition was in full force in Princess Anne County. A man named Allen Gimbert formed a group of concerned citizens and members of the London Bridge Baptist Church who were committed to stopping the bootlegging problem. This group was known as the "Law and Order League," but most people referred to the group as the Purity Squad. In 1919, Allen Gimbert received the title of Special Officer from the Princess Anne County circuit court judge. 

 Special Officer Allen Gimbert risked his life to arrest and bring to justice moonshiners and bootleggers. He and his men were charged with finding illegal stills, destroying them, and arresting their operators.
On May 3, 1923, Special Officer Allen Gimbert went on his last raid. He confronted a bootlegger, Luke Spellman, commanding him to put his hands up. Spellman drew a rifle and fatally shot Special Officer Gimbert. Members of the Purity Squad returned fire, injuring the suspect. Special Officer Gimbert's partner sustained a leg injury. A five-day manhunt led to the capture of Luke Spellman. He was sentenced to a twenty-year prison term.
Special Officer Gimbert was 44 years old, and a 4-year veteran of the Princess Anne County Sheriff's Department. His wife and their four children survived him.
For his ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, Special Officer Allen Gimbert is posthumously awarded the Department's Blue Star.
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