Officer Charles Edward Porteus

​​​​The headline in the Virginian Pilot newspaper on June 17, 1952 read:
"Auto Kills Both Policeman And Navy Chief He Stopped"
Officer Porteus was 29 years old with a wife and three children when he was killed. He had stopped a Navy Chief Petty Officer, Richard Montgomery age 41, on Atlantic Avenue near 81st street, and was talking with him by his automobile. Another vehicle, operated by PFC James Needham, crashed into both Officer Porteus and Petty Officer Montgomery. Petty Officer Montgomery died instantly at the scene of the accident. Officer Porteus suffered a fractured skull, a fractured leg and internal injuries.
A Fort Bragg, North Carolina Army Major, Vernon Mergler, witnessed the accident and followed Needham for three blocks before bringing him back to the accident scene. Needham was charged with Involuntary Homicide by the military police. He was charged with Hit & Run and Manslaughter by the local police.
Officer Porteus died at 6:00 P.M. Monday evening at Virginia Beach General Hospital.
Officer Porteus was a member of the Princess Anne County police force and a veteran of World War II. He served in North Africa and the Naples, Anzio, Rome and Foggia campaigns in Italy during the war. He also held the Purple Heart and the European African Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon. He was a member of the American Legion Post No. 113. He was a native of Brooklyn and had lived in Virginia Beach for three years.
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