Prospective recruits must complete the application process (fill out and submit an Online Application, Credit Release Form and Authorization for Release of Information) to be scheduled for a VBPD Police Recruit test. 

Applicants will be contacted by Investigator Robert Watson to schedule a test date only after submitting all required paperwork. VBPD Police Academies are currently scheduled twice a year. Applicants testing on any of the listed test dates will be processed for either academy based on availability of recruit positions.


​Written Exam

Officer interacting with a boyThe written exam contains multiple-choice questions which assess the skills and abilities outlined below.

The test covers several critical areas that have been found to be important for law enforcement personnel.  



Your ability to handle everyday changes and situations. 


Your ability to relate well to other people and get along with others. 


Your ability to recognize and deal effectively with your own emotions and the emotions of others.

Physical Ability Test

  • Push-ups: 11 completed using proper form
  • Sit & Reach: 5.33 centimeters
  • Trunk Pull: 72 pounds of pressure
  • 300-Meter Run: 112 seconds
Applicants should strive for the highest score in every category. Applicants are not guaranteed to pass by not exceeding the minimum requirements. 

Contact for more information.

  • Push-ups. To assess upper body strength and endurance, the applicant will perform as many correct push-ups as they can in one minute.
  • Sit & Reach. To assess the flexibility in the applicant’s hamstrings, the applicant will sit on the floor with legs straight and feet flat against the sit & reach box and will reach forward with their hands, attempting to stretch as far as they can. The applicant will be given one practice trial, which is not scored. They will then conduct three (3) test trials with a 15-second rest between each trial.
  • Trunk Pull. To assess the maximum force that can be generated by the torso muscles, the applicant will sit on the floor, knees straight, feet flat against a platform, hands grabbing a bar with palms towards the floor. On the command, the applicant will lean back while looking at the ceiling and pulling on the bar until the administrator tells them to stop. This test involves three (3) trials in which a maximal contraction is exerted on each trial for three (3) seconds. The applicant will be allowed a 30-second rest period between trials.
  • 300-Meter Run. To assess anaerobic power and lower body muscular endurance, the applicant will run 300 meters as fast as they can. Their score will be the time it takes them to complete the run.​
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