New Testing Dates for Virginia DCJS Certified Police Officers

Thank you for your interest in joining the new, abbreviated 8-week 2022 Lateral Training Program for Virginia DCJS Certified Police Officers. See instructions below to register for the upcoming testing date of your choice. 


September 30, 2022 - Monroe College: Bronx Campus, New York, NY.  Follow the steps below to register. 

October 1, 2022 - Monroe College: Bronx Campus, New York, NY.  Follow the steps below to register. 


While many cities have pulled funds away from their police departments, Virginia Beach has invested millions more into our team for more pay increases, more technology, more benefits and more officers.

    • 5+% pay raise for officers
    • College stipend
    • 16 year pay plan
    • Technology investments like MILO Advanced Training Simulator
    • 8 Weeks PAID training for lateral transfers
    • Flex Days
    • FREE memberships to recreation centers
    • More than 50 career paths


​Step 1: 

​Fill out the application form HERE

​Step 2: 

​VBPD Recruitment team will contact you directly via email or phone to confirm your testing date and provide you the two required waivers.

​Step 3: 

​Return both signed waivers to VBPD recruitment team.

​Step 4: 

​Arrive for testing on your selected date and time. Details will be provided to you in advance.

​Step 5: 

​Your test will be graded later that week and you will be notified as to next steps.

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