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The Virginia Beach Police Department recognizes that its members are its greatest resource, and is committed to providing opportunities for career advancement through education, training, special assignments, and self-initiated activities that challenge the member, accomplish the mission and serve the community.

In partnership with the University of Virginia, the department has designed a professional development program to build core competencies and develop advanced skills. The program focuses on non-supervisors and first-level supervisors. Within each of these groups are certain requirements that the member must successfully achieve before advancing to the next level. These include: 
  • Meeting the tenure requirement and receiving the appropriate evaluations
  • Successfully completing all in-service and additional training
  • Choosing from additional requirements which include service in specialty assignments, or the performance of collateral duties and/or the completions of formal education requirements.

Once the member has achieved these requirements he/she may advance to the next level. Once the member advances the process begins again. ​

Review the Quick Guide of the Professional Development Matrix for Officers here.

​​Review details of the Professional Development Program here.

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