Establishment Review Task Force

​​​​​Mission Statement

"In an effort to provide a safe, clean and secure environment for the citizens and visitors of Virginia Beach, the Establishment Review Task Force will review all ABC  license applications to formulate the city's recommendation on said applications; inspect and investigate all eating establishments that hold a state license to serve wine, beer or mixed beverages to ensure compliance with Virginia State and City of Virginia Beach Codes; make recommendations for filing requests for discipline of said establishments for noncompliance with said regulations; prosecute those objections on behalf of the City; and provide an ongoing process to educate said establishments on expectations and requirements."
Established:      January 1, 2004
Authority:         James K. Spore, City Manager


Proactive inspection of businesses that maintain licenses to serve alcohol, and enforcement of public safety, building and environmental codes and regulations.


The Task Force is comprised of members from the Virginia Department of Alcohol Beverage Control, Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney and representatives from the City of Virginia Beach agencies including: City Attorney’s Office, Fire Department, Planning Department/Building Inspections, Police Department, and Department of Public Health. 
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