Zoning Administration

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​“Zoning” refers to regulations of the use of land and the placement of structures on the land. With the exception of City-owned rights-of-way, all of the land in the City of Virginia Beach has a designated Zoning District. These districts are defined in the City of Virginia Beach’s Zoning Ordinance which describes the regulations applicable to each district. Regulations include minimum yard requirements (or building setbacks), landscaping requirements, and allowable land uses for each district.

For a simple overview of each of the City Zoning Districts, download the Zoning Districts (Definitions & Purposes) document. To view the complete ZONING ORDINANCE online, go to the Virginia Beach City Code on the Municipal Code Corporation web site. Scroll down the left frame to Appendix A Zoning Ordinance. Each section of the Zoning Ordinance will be listed as a link within the document.

Amendments to the City Code, including the Zoning Ordinance, are usually included within two months of approval by City Council. Recent amendments are listed on the City Code Amendments web page.


ANNOUNCEMENT:  As of January 2nd 2017 Zoning will be issuing all fence permits that are not related to pools.  Pool fence enclosures will continue to be issued by Permits and Inspections.  In order to receive a Zoning permit for a fence, an approved site plan must be submitted.  Please contact Zoning Administration at 757-385-8074 for any further questions or information.