Zoning Admin Forms, Fees & Procedures

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​​Applying for an ABC License: Obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy
​APZ1-Compatibility   pdf icon​​
​Collocation of Antennas (Accela Instructions) 
 pdf icon
​​Fence and Wall Brochure ​​
​​ pdf icon​​​​
​Fence Application​ ​pdf icon​​​
​Flex Suite​​   pdf icon​​
​Freestanding Mobile Home  ​pdf icon
Off-Street Parking Amendments
​Peddler Permit pdf icon​​​​
Portable Storage Containers pdf icon​​​pdf icon
​Residential Site Plan Checklist (RMA) pdf icon
​Residential Site Plan Checklist (Southern Watershed) pdf icon​​
Sign Permit Requirements pdf icon pdf icon
Visibility Triangle Requirements
Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECS)
​Zoning Verification Letter Informationpdf icon​​
​Height Measurement Example
pdf icon
Details for Detached Structures that receive reduced setbacks pdf icon
​Construction Trailer Request pdf icon​​​​
​Residential Zoning Illustrated
pdf icon​​​
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