Fence Permits & Inspections

​​​​​​​​​​​When is a fence permit required?
Whenever a fence is within 30 feet of, and substantially parallel to, any public right-of-way.

​Why do I need a fence permit?
To insure proper construction procedures, safeguard property values in the neighborhood, and enforce the standards of the Landscape, Screening and Buffering Specifications and Standards, as set forth by the City of Virginia Beach.

​Who may obtain a fence permit?
The homeowner or the contractor. If a contractor is involved, the contractor should get the permit. As with all permits, whoever signs for the permit is responsible for the work.

​What do I need for a fence permit?
​A copy of a physical survey or site plan drawn to scale. On the plan, the fence and the height shall be indicated. Landscaping, if required, shall also be indicated. A list of fence materials should be included.

​How much is a fence permit?

​Do I need any other approvals?
​Check with Miss Utility (1-800-552-7001) for any underground cables before beginning construction. Some easements may require permission from your homeowner's association or utility company before commencing work.

​When is landscaping required?
​If a fence is within 10 feet of the right-of-way. Please call Zoning at (757) 385-8074 for landscaping guidelines.  ​
​​​​​After you get approval, bring all necessary information to the Department of Planning's Zoning Counter, Municipal Center - Building 2, Room 100. Your plans will be reviewed and approved. You may then be issued a building permit.
​Does someone have  to be home for an inspection?
​No one has to be home. When the inspection is completed, a card will be left on the front door indicating if the fence passed inspection. Any problems will also be noted.

Do chain link fences have different requirements?
​Do have different requirements. In addition to the standard height and distance requirements, all chain link fences must have Category I landscaping between any fence within 30 feet of, and substantially parallel to, a public right-of-way.

​Are gates required?
​Are required on rear yard fences that are adjacent to a street.  Call Zoning at (757) 385-8074 for any questions.

​Help! I still don't understand.
​If you have further questions, please call the Zoning Office at (757) 385-8074.
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