Applying for an ABC License Obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy

​​​​Any establishment seeking to apply for an ABC License in the City of Virginia Beach must have a current Certificate of Occupancy before the ABC License can be issued. Obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy requires approval from both the Virginia Beach Zoning Office and Permits & Inspections Office.
In order to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy, you must submit an application (available at the Zoning Office) with the following information:
  1. Current Site Plan of the property, including total building area, parking and existing use(s).
  2. Architectural building/floor plans of the business.
  3. Legal address of property location.
Zoning will review the plans and make field inspections as necessary. Within 24 hours to 7 days, the Zoning office will forward the application to the Permits & Inspections office.
Permits & Inspections will review the building/floor plans within 24 hours to 30 days based on the complexity of the plans. Once all approvals are granted, the owner will be notified to obtain a building permit and associated inspections in order to procure the Certificate of Occupancy.
For more information, please contact Zoning at (757) 385-8074 or Permits & Inspections at (757) 385-4211.
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