Planning Department Divisions

The Planning Department is led by Planning Director Bobby Tajan​ and consists of six divisions: 

  • Director's Office  Provides executive leadership, administrative, technical and financial management and support for the Planning Department.
  • Planning Administration  Provides staff support for several Boards and Commissions, including the Planning Commission, and the Board of Zoning Appeals.  Responsible for the Comprehensive Plan as well as several area and corridor plans and special planning studies.
  • Zoning Administration oversees and enforces the Zoning Ordinance.
  • Development Services Center  Assists with the City's land development review and approval processes.
  • Permits & Inspections  Administers the Uniform Statewide Building Code and associated laws and ordinances.
  • Transportation Planning Coordinates and implements projects and plans associated with improving the City’s transportation network.  Mass transit operations are coordinated with HRT, including the VB Transit Extension Study (Light Rail) and capital road projects are coordinated with other state and local agencies.  Assists in SGA Plan implementation.


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