Planning Administration

​​​​​​​​​​The primary role of the Planning Administration Division is to provide quality support various boards and commissions.  They are the Planning CommissionChesapeake Bay  Board, Wetlands Board, Historic Preservation Commission and Historical Review Board​

Staff within this division are dedicated to providing to the public, the boards, commissions, leaders and decision-makers within the City with relevant, timely, and professional products and services regarding the use and development of property in Virginia Beach. These efforts include the following:

  • Meeting with property owners, businesspeople, potential developers, engineers, architects, property appraisers, and any interested or concerned individual or group during the process of determining the permitted use of property within the city.
  • Assisting these individuals or groups with the process of making application to the boards and/or commissions.
  • Researching and evaluating the facts and issues relevant to the various applications, including consistency of the proposed development with plans adopted by the City Council (such as the Comprehensive Plan, Strategic Growth Area (SGA) Plans, etc.).
  • Preparing a reports for the boards and commissions that summarizes the results.
  • Working with the public on all phases of the application process and coordinate any overlaps between boards in regard to reviews or areas of responsibility.

Current Planning Administration staff also provides support and reports to the City Council on items that the Planning Commission has heard in a public hearing and made a recommendation on, as well as on proposed amendments to the City Zoning Ordinance and related ordinances that regulate the development of land in the city.​