Development Services Center

​​​​​​​The Development Services Center (DSC) is in the business of guiding and assisting its customers through the land development process. The DSC's responsibilities include coordination, review, and approval of the following:

  • all site plans;
  • subdivision construction plans;
  • preliminary subdivision plats;
  • redevelopment/infill single family site plans;
  • land management plans for septic systems in poorly drained soils;
  • single family site plans for sites located within the Chesapeake Bay Resource Protection Area (RPA);
  • Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area (CBPA) Preliminary Project Requests (PPR);
  • as-built drawings associated with filling, stormwater management facilities (SWMF) and public infrastructure; and
  • drawings, agreements and other documents associated with final subdivision plats.

In addition, the DSC issues Right-of-Way Permits for work within the public rights-of-way and easements, Land Disturbing Activity/Stormwater Management Permits and Hauling Permits for hauling excavated material, including dredging.

The DSC staff also manages the sureties (bonds, letters of credit and cash) for all private development activity.​​​​