Forms Fees & Procedures

Effective July 1, 2018, Fee Changes:

  • New Residential Plan Review - $100
  • New Commercial Plan Review (< 99,999 sq ft) - $200
  • Special Occupancy Plan Review (> 100,000 sq ft) - $400
  • Residential Counter Review - $25
  • Residential Revision Plan Review - $25 
  • Commercial Counter Review (Use Groups B, M, S, F < 2,500 sq ft) - $50
  • Commercial Plan Review - Minor - $100
  • Commercial Revision Plan Review - $50
  • Site Plan Waiver Review - $50
  • Permit for Asbestos Removal - Commercial or Residential - $25
  • Modification to an Existing Permit - $25
  • Building Code Verification Letter - $25

Mark your Calendars - the 2015 USBC becomes effective  9/04/2018

Please click on one of the links below for procedures, forms, and fees for each type of permit. ​

​Affidavit of Permit Authorization                                                                       pdf icon
All Permits & Inspections - FAQs​​ ​  
Asbestos Certification Exemption         pdf icon pdf icon 
Building (Commercial) - FAQs      Inspection Info Brochure         pdf icon    pdf icon
Building (Residential) - FAQs      Inspection Info Brochure     Model Plan Mod Req.      pdf icon    pdf icon
Child Care/Day Care/Family Day Home      pdf icon 
​Chimney Certification Form​     pdf icon
Commercial Rangehoods and Grease Control Devices   
Contractor Update Form
Deck Guide
Demolition - FAQs   pdf icon​  pdf icon
​Driveways     Driveway Info
​Duct Seal Certification Form (Residential)​   pdf icon
EIFS Project List      pdf icon  
Electrical - FAQs     Inspection Info Brochure      pdf icon    pdf icon
Elevator - FAQs      pdf icon    pdf icon 
Fire - FAQs      pdf icon    pdf icon
Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG)
FOIA      pdf icon     pdf icon 
Gas - FAQs     Inspection Info Brochure      pdf icon     pdf icon 
Mechanical - FAQs     Inspection Info Brochure      pdf icon     pdf icon 
Moving & Hauling - FAQs     Special Authorization (Resort Area)     Manual         Restriction Map     Overpass Height      pdf icon    pdf icon 
Plumbing - FAQs     Inspection Info Brochure      pdf icon    pdf icon
​Pool       Pool Alarm Affidavit       Pool Fence Affidavit    pdf icon ​  pdf icon
​Projects/Plan Review      pdf icon
Roofing/Siding      pdf icon     pdf icon 
Right-of-Way - FAQs     Daily Notification Form     Logging Form      pdf icon                 
Right-of-Way Subcontractor's Attachment      pdf icon 
Special Inspections Policy     2015     2012               
Special/Amusement - FAQs      pdf icon    pdf icon 
Toilet Rebate Program (see Public Utilities)
Underground & Aboveground Storage Tanks - FAQs     Permitting Procedures                  pdf icon 
Utility - FAQs     Daily Notification Form     Logging Form     pdf icon
​Utility - Virginia Beach Open Cut Letter​     pdf icon
​V Zone Design Certificate ​    pdf icon

Contact Information

 Stay Up-To-Date

​The City of Virginia Beach requires updated information from all contractors operating in the city. C​ontractors should submit updated state registration information if they have not already done so.​ ​