Permits & Inspections

The Planning Department customer service counter is now open at 8 AM, closes from 12 to 1 PM, and re-opens at 1 PM thru 5 PM. PLEASE READ THE ITEM BELOW LABELLED "BUILDING PERMIT COUNTER REVIEW CRITERIA". If you need assistance, please call 757-385-4211 Option 3 or send us an email to Please bear in mind all responses will be within normal working hours.

NOTE:  Short Term Rentals falls under Zoning - Short Term Rentals

​​*​ Online Permitting Search Directions

In October 2011 Permits & Inspections Introduced a new Enhanced Automated Permitting System named ACCELA.  This system enables customers to obtain permits over the Internet, schedule their inspections and view the results.  ACCELA also allows Permits and Inspections to accept most major credit cards (Mastercard, American​ Express, and Discover).  In order to use these features you must first Register for an Account.  Then you can Schedule an Inspection Online.  The system is available 24/7.